Gun Works – Winchester Model 1873 & 1876 (.45 Colt) http Jim Green, gunsmith and owner of GunWorks of Harrington, ME, shows how to disassemble a Winchester Model 1873 lever action rifle , chambered in .45 Colt. He also gives some pertinent information on disassembling the Winchester Model 1876. GunWorks is located in scenic DownEast Maine, and Jim Green is a Marine Corps veteran of Desert Storm. GunWorks accepts not only local business, but business outside of the State of Maine. See his website for more information, pictures, hints, and tips! Music: Kevin MacLeod



  1. agentkapser says:

    have you heard of a dentist… if yes. they had not heard from you

  2. downeastgunworks says:


    A company called VTI sells replacement parts for these guns I think. But to order a bunch of parts and assemble them into a gun wouldn’t make much sense. It’d be cheaper to buy a whole gun ready to shoot. And you can’t buy the receiver without an FFL anyway. And I’m not sure that they even offer the receiver to the open market, so you might hit a snag doing it that way.

  3. Vlander1992 says:

    @downeastgunworks thanks i’ll have to check them out :) do you know if you can get them in parts and put them together yourself?

  4. downeastgunworks says:


    It probably wouldn’t hurt the gun to do that about every two or three times you go to the range. ie — every third visit. I say that becuase I generally shoot a few hundred rounds each time I take mine out to shoot.

  5. TaTeRoxx says:

    How often to you recommend taking off the cover plates and cleaning inside??

  6. Vlander1992 says:

    I’ll have to go check um out :) thanks for the heads up

  7. downeastgunworks says:

    @Vlander1992 CDNN will have some excellent prices for 1876 Winchester replicas.

  8. Vlander1992 says:

    The 73 is probably my favorite year just cause of the naustalgia of the old west movies but If the 76 is similar but just fires rifle round I might just try to find one of them

  9. downeastgunworks says:


    Externally they look identitcle. Internally there are a very few minor differences. Both of these guns in this video belong to me. They are good guns and I’ve never had any problems with them.

  10. downeastgunworks says:


    Externally they look identitcle. Internally there are a very few minor differences. Both of these guns in this video belong to me. They are good guns and I’ve never had any problems with them.

  11. Tarsan97 says:

    Thanks for that Jim. I dont want to nag ;-) But are they true copy’s, in the sense that they are made to look totally the same ? I really like to own a yellow boy , and since It is not realistic to buy one from the 1860`es, I wonder if there being made some for the purpose to look 100% the same ?

  12. downeastgunworks says:

    @Tarsan97 Yes, Uberti of Italy is who made these guns in this particular video.

  13. Tarsan97 says:

    Nice Jim.
    I like to ask, are there anyone who make total replicas of the old wild west winchesters. I mean who can shoot real fire ? Regards from Norway

  14. downeastgunworks says:

    @cualado1 OK, I’ll see what I can do. I’ll have to find a way of translating in some subtitles if I can. It might be I can fins a translator program on the internet. 

  15. cualado1 says:

    @downeastgunworks hi, first thank you very much for your attention,
    I think that if it were possible to the Lord, put some subtitles would help the Portuguese that I have as much difficulty to read and write in English, this time I’m spending all my vocabulary.
    Another detail is that your video q cover a greater number of languages ​​will have more access, because I assure you, many Portuguese like to see this video, we are passionate about Winchester.

    Thank you, kindly cualado1

  16. downeastgunworks says:

    @MisterBoots92 Yes, they are bult to the same specs pretty much. They’ll disassemble similarly

  17. MisterBoots92 says:

    Would this be a good reference of design for disassembling an original 1873 Winchester?

  18. downeastgunworks says:

    @cualado1 That might be a pretty tough thing for me to do. Since I don’t speak a lick of Portuguese it might come out sounding like jibberish.

  19. cualado1 says:

    I want this video in portuguese :( the best things Dont are For Portugueses

  20. dass0137 says:


  21. dawn1340 says:

    Very helpful

  22. jumpingjay2000 says:

    My first hunting rifle was a Winchester rifle, in a lot of ways I like it better then my newer bolt and semi-auto rifles.

    Thanks Jim for the detailed walk-through!

  23. TheFirearmEnthusiast says:

    Thanks Jim!

  24. CimarronPeacekeeper says:

    Redesigned Henry design

  25. muleequestrian says:


    I try to help as much as I can without getting into teaching gunsmithing due to liability problems. And if you ever get in a bind with your gun, you can always send it to my shop.

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