Green Steam – Myjnie parowe Optima / Optima Steam Car Wash – Usuwanie błota i soli! – Myjnia parowa Optima podczas pracy. Jak widać na filmiku myjnie parowe radzą sobie nawet z brudem zimowym. Wszystkich zainteresowanych prezentacją możliwości myjni parowych marki optima zapraszamy do siedziby naszej firmy. Zapraszamy na nasze forum. Sprawdź opinie o myjniach parowych Optima. Cleaning a car with Optima Steamer during winter season. As we can see from the video, Optima steamer is capable of cleaning even very dirty cars. Notice how little wastewater is being produced. Myjnie parowe Optima – przyszłość profesjonalnych myjni samochodowych /// Optima Steamer – the future of professional car wash Green Steam Sp. z oo jest wyłącznym dystrybutorem myjni parowych Optima na terenie Polski. Zapraszamy na naszą stronę internetową – /// Green Steam International – Exclusive representative os SJE Corp. for Central and Eastern Europe –

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  1. wobbba89 says:

    @RsBl0gger91 Dirt doesnt rub into paint? are you mad? Dirt CAN penetrate the clearcoat and WILL give you nasty swirlmarks. Even a 5yr old can figure that out. *no offence

  2. wobbba89 says:

    @johnc2228 I agree.. this dude broke every rule in the book. Never ever rub the paint if there’s still dirt left and the fact that he just polished around the dirt/mud makes me both cry and laugh. One word: idiot.

  3. nizishu says:

    I agree what you said

  4. RsBl0gger91 says:

    @johnc2228 dirt doesnt rub into paint… the only downside to steaming is that it will take away any wax that you have on..but then again, you should be re waxing after you do a detail like that.

  5. DanielHondaCRX says:

    qood way to burn your wax of

  6. johnc2228 says:

    what an idiot. way to rub the dirt into the paint…

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